District Ride became a concept in 2020 from a love of being on two wheels in a time when getting out and exercising was ever growing not just in Cities but in communities across the country.  Fast forward one year and the Street Steel Fixie is born in concept and design. The brand and the mission created around this first generation of our urban inspired bikes. In 2022 saw the arrival onto the market and birth of District Ride Company.

Why Buy from Us?
District Ride Company’s mission stays true to our values: Built from the need to get out and ride. District strives to build a way to get more people on two wheels, whether its for your health, your mental well-being or your lifestyle. Our business model brings you convenience and affordability, but most importantly, quality. We strive on making your buying experience as stress free as possible. From discovering the right bike and fit for you getting to your doorstep. Beyond that point we continue to support with competitive warranties and support. Every step of the way we are here to support you on your journey with one of our bikes.