Why Single Speed?

Generally, a fixie bike, or fixed-gear bicycle, is a single-speed bike with no freewheel mechanism.  This means that you can't coast on a fixie bike - you have to pedal all the time. Sounds crazy, right?  Don’t fear, our bikes come with a reversable hub so you can go true fixie or freewheel for a more relaxed ride.

Get fit, save money, and help the environment.
Riding a fixie bike is a great way to improve your fitness level.  You'll burn more calories, strengthen your legs and core muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health.  Plus, riding a fixie bike is cheaper than any other form of mechanical transportation.  And by reducing your carbon footprint, you’re also being kind to the planet.  That’s a hat trick of benefits, but we’re just getting started!

Reliably in the Urban Environment.
A fixie bike is ideal for city riding because it's simple, light and agile, making them ideal for maneuvering through tight spots and powering up hills.  Say goodbye to derailleurs randomly clicking and switching between gears.  It’s not only annoying, but it can also be dangerous.  Bottom line, there are fewer moving parts on a fixed-gear bicycle than on a geared bike, which means there's less chance of something breaking down or getting damaged by water or salt in winter conditions.

Easy Stowage
Another benefit of owning a fixie bike is that it's easy to store when not in use - especially if you live in an apartment or condo with limited space.  Bonus - A fixie bike weighs less than a geared bike (thanks to its simpler design), so it's easier to carry up stairs or lift onto racks or hooks.

Built to Last - Lifetime Warranty
A fixie bike is not only reliable but also durable. Because it has fewer components than a geared bike, it's easier to maintain and repair.  If you’re still not convinced, we are pleased to offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects on our frames and forks. On all components, we offer a One Year Warranty to keep you on the move.  That's how confident we are in our products' quality and performance.

If you want to get fit, save money, and help the environment, then join the fixie revolution. Built to last, with a lifetime warranty, they're perfect for the city savior that doesn’t mind making a statement.

Fixie Bike against Grafitti Wall