Flip Flop Hub

Single speed simply refers to a single gear ratio on the rear hub. Unlike the option to run through different gears, a single speed optimizes an all-round, single gear. This allows the bike to be more durable and easier to maintain as well as lightweight.

All District Ride single speed bikes include a Flip Flop Hub. There are two options on either side of the rear hub based on your riding preference:

Fixed Gear – Commonly known as a ‘Fixie’. Fixed gear means that the wheels do not spin independently of the cog. If you pedal forward, your bike will move forward; if you pedal backward, your bike will move backward. Simply put, your pedals are always moving.

Freewheel - Similar to a common bicycle, the cog spins freely as you stop pedalling and coast. Unlike the fixed gear, you do not need to pedal at all times.

No further mechanics required other than to take the rear wheel off and flip it round. It's really as simple as that!